Wild bear ‘beaten to death’ by angry villagers in Puri


Puri: A wild bear was allegedly beaten to death by villagers after it strayed into human habitation and attacked two persons in Astaranga area of Puri district on Thursday.

The incident came into light after the Astaranga forest officials reached the spot

According to reports, the animal strayed into the village triggering panic among the residents. The wild animal then attacked two villagers inuring them in the morning.

Angry over the incident, the enraged villagers managed to capture the bear and allegedly beat the wild animal to death instead of calling the local forest personnel.

Later, the Astaranga forest personnel reached the village and identified the animal as ‘Gada bear’, which are found in large numbers in the forest near Golara area.

Shockingly, other villagers in large number watched the inhuman act, but nobody came forward for the wild animal’s rescue.

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