Students of IIT Bhub, Sri Sri varsity explore Monks, Caves & Kings heritage trial


Bhubaneswar: More than 100 visitors made the Monks, Caves and Kings heritage trail of the famous Jain monument Khandagiri-Udayagiri a memorable day, with 90 students of first year B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bhubaneswar and a few others from the Tourism department in Sri Sri University.heritage trial

Avinash Sharma, originally from Dehradun and a student from Sri Sri University, said “I am really delighted to be at the Twin Hills and know the beautiful story behind the kingdom, kings, monks, queens and the people.”

heritage trialYash Singhal from Punjab added that the guide was very good and explained the subject with lucidity and command and the entire group enjoyed the trip.

Professor at Sri Sri University Ravish Mathew said, “we have come to this place on so many occasions, but never had the opportunity to get to know so many things from the pages of history. The students of our tourism department in Sri Sri University would also be updated about the tourism potential of this great Jain site.”

Romit Kesharwni, a student from IIT Bhubaneswar said, “I have heard from my friends, who have visited the site long ago and was eager to come here. We are happy that we got to know so many things on the history of Odisha and the contributions of Emperor Kharavel.”

Biswarupa Sahoo said, “We are really fortunate to come in such a good group and learn the stories behind the caves, the historical perspectives, the inscriptions and the cave art inside Hati Gumpha.”heritage trial

Rupesh Kumar Pillai termed the today’s tour at the Khandagiri-Udayagiri Hills as a “great experience and learning on the history of the ancient Kalinga, its rulers and the people.”

The IIT Bhubaneswar students were part of the cultural exchange programme as students coming from different regions of the country get the rare opportunity to explore local monuments and know the facts, stories and tales relating to the historical sites. The same group will also visit the Ekamra Walks Old Town Circuit, tomorrow.

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