SC Judge Stopped From Entering Puri Srimandir Kitchen


Puri: Supreme Court Judge Justice Nuthalapati Venkata Ramana was denied entry into Rosa Ghara (kitchen) of Srimandir during his visit to Puri on Saturday.

According to sources, Nuthalapati had visited Shree Jagannath Temple yesterday. After paying obeisance to the presiding deities, he went on to have a look at the temple’s kitchen. However, he was opposed from entering the kitchen by in-charge of Rosa Ghara.

Expressing displeasure over the behavior of the temple staff, the apex court Judge returned from the temple., added sources.

On being informed about the matter, Puri Collector and SP apologised Justice Nuthalapati and clarified him about the Srimandir rituals.

It may be noted that the Srimandir’s kitchen is considered as the largest and the biggest kitchen in the world. It is situated in the south-east direction of the outer compound of Srimandir. The length of the kitchen is 150 feet, breadth is 100 feet and height is about 20 feet. It consists of 32 rooms with 250 earthen ovens within these. Around 600 cooks (Suaras) and 400 assistants serve here every day for preparing Lord’s food. Apparently, the kitchen produces enough food to feed 100,000 people each day.

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