Rituals inside Puri Srimandir delayed after protest by servitors over pending dues


Puri: Rituals of the Holy Trinity inside Puri Srimandir were delayed on Thursday following the protest by servitors over pending dues.

According to reports, the Suara servitors refused to perform the rituals as a sign of protest. As per allegations levelled by the agitators, the servitors are yet to receive their payment that has been pending for the last three months.

Besides, the servitors also stated that they were assured by the SJTA to be paid regularly, however, they are yet to receive their rightful money that was to be paid as compensation over the closure of ‘darshan’ from Sahanamela and ‘Parimanik Darshan’.

The agitating servitors have also written to Shree Jagannath Temple Administration urging them to not call upon ‘palia’ servitors for duties without paying them adequately.

Following the protest, the rituals including Gopala Ballav Niti was delayed for over two hours after which the rituals resumed.

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