Netflix’s Rs 199 mobile only plan a huge success in India


New Delhi: Netflix, that launched a mobile-only in India back in the month of July this year, is enjoying the huge success.

Ecstatic at the success of its Rs 199 mobile-only plan, Netflix is going to replicate the plan in other global markets too, the company’s Chief Product Officer Gregory K Peters informed.

The Rs 199 mobile subscription plan in the Indian market is Netflix’s fourth Indian plan, in addition to the existing basic, standard and premium plans which are priced between Rs 499 and Rs 799.

Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Gregory K Peters says Rs 199 mobile plan is a massive success in India. After India the company now plans to test the Rs 199 plan in other countries as well.

The streaming company also said that the second season of ‘Sacred Games’ has been its most-watched show in India. The company also informed that Netflix added 6.8 million subscribers in the third quarter of this year globally.

The company gained 2.7 million new users in the quarter ended June, much lower than the 5 million figure analysts had forecast. Its profit for the quarter also dropped to $271 million, down from $384 million last year.

But India is a very price-sensitive market, with an average annual wage of less than $2,000. Competitors like Hotstar (which is owned by Disney) and global rival Amazon (AMZN) Prime Video had been offering cheaper plans than Netflix. Some even have free versions of their platforms in India.

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