Locals block road in Deogarh over NH’s poor condition


Deogarh: As road woes continue to trouble commuters travelling through National Highways crossing through Deogarh district, locals staged road blockade at Kargil Chhak in the district today.

The agitators also resorted to picketing on these major junctions alleging poor construction of NH-49 which allegedly has turned a death trap for commuters.

Locals block road

Commuters faced a tough time and scores of vehicles were seen stranded on both sides of the road connecting Mumbai-Kolkata.

Reportedly, several spots along the National Highway crossing through the district has turned into an accident-prone zone.

While the roadways portray the image of a death trap, the authorities concerned have turned a blind eye to the issue. Lack of maintenance of the road is causing problems for commuters.

Moreover, the dust particles coming from the chipped roads causes eye irritation and allergy among the commuters.


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