James P. Allison, Tasuku Honjo win Nobel Prize 2018 in medicine


Stockholm: The 2018 Nobel Prize in medicine has been awarded jointly to James P. Allison (America) and Tasuku Honjo (Japan) for discovering a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment.

The duo was honoured “for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation,” by the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

James P Allison of the US and Tasuku Honjo of Japan won the 2018 Nobel Medicine Prize for research that has revolutionised the treatment of cancer, the jury said on Monday.

The Institute–50 professors at the Stockholm facility–chose the winners of the prize honoring research into the microscopic mechanisms of life and ways to fend off invaders that cut it short.

James Allison and Tasuku Honjo will share the 9m Swedish kronor (roughly $1 million) prize, announced by the Nobel committee of the Karolinska Institute. The two scientists have discovered that the body’s immune system can be harnessed to attack cancer cells.

The discovery is transforming cancer treatments and led to a new class of drugs that work by switching off the braking mechanism, prompting the immune cells to attack cancer cells. The drugs have significant side effects, but have been shown to be effective –including, in some cases, against late-stage cancers that were previously untreatable.

The Nobel prize in physics is scheduled to be announced on Tuesday, followed by chemistry. The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize will be named on Friday. No literature prize is being given this year.

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