Gambling den busted in Bolangir, 32 including kingpin nabbed


Titlagarh: Titlagarh police busted a gambling den at Blockpada of Titalgarh in Bolangir district in the wee hours of Sunday with the arrest of 32 persons including the kingpin.

The accused kingpin of the gambling den has been identified as Santosh Nayak (40) of Blockpada area in Titlagarh.

Acting on a tip-off, a police team led by inspector-in-charge S. Khakha carried out a surprise raid on the gambling den operating at Blockpada area. While 32 gamblers were arrested, some others managed to escape.

The police seized Rs 75,127 in cash, 600 playing cards, 18 mobile phones, 14 motorcycles and a bicycle during the raid. A case (152/19) has been registered against the accused persons and they will be forwarded to court tomorrow, the police said.

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