Five Excellent Health Benefits Of Carom (Ajwain ) Seeds


Bhubaneswar: Carom seeds are the seeds of ajwain herb or Trachyspermum ammi. They’re common in Indian cuisine. Apart from adding taste to our everyday food items Ajwain or carom seeds are also known for their magical medicinal properties.

Here are some of the common health benefits of  Carom Seeds –

Treats stomach problems: Ajwain seeds help you to deal with different stomach related woes like acidity, ache or indigestion.

Promotes heart health: Drinking ajwain water every day in the morning improve blood circulation in the heart and prevent it from any diseases.

Treats Piles: One of the natural ways to treat piles is by consuming carom seeds. Adding ajwain seeds to a glass of milk and drinking it after lunch and dinner can help to treat piles.

Cures Tooth Ache: Ajwain seeds are beneficial for teeth and prevent tooth decay. Chewing ajwain seeds in empty stomach every morning and keep several tooth problems at bay.

Weight loss: This natural ingredient work wonders when it comes for weight loss. Drinking ajwain water lowers fat depositions in our body and aids weight loss.

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