Doda police announce Rs 15 lakh cash prize for clue on Hizbul terrorists


Srinagar: Doda police in Jammu and Kashmir have announced cash prize of Rs 15 lakh for information on two Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists.

According to reports, Doda district police have put up posters announcing cash reward of Rs 15 lakh on information leading to arrest of two most-wanted terrorists Haroon Abbass Wani of Ghat village and Masood Ahmad of Dessa village.

The posters read: “Identity of the informant shall be kept secret. Please help us to protect you”. Doda district was declared militancy-free about a decade ago and no major incident has taken place in the district in several years.

Police said despite search operations and raids across the region they have not succeeded in nabbing the terrorists.

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