Devasnana Purnima: Know The Traffic, Security Arrangements In Puri


Puri: In order to ensure smooth conduct of Devasnana Purnima also known as ‘Snana Yatra’, an auspicious bathing festival for Lord Jagannath devotees, the Police department has issued traffic advisory for the people.

The police have also beefed up security in and around the Pilgrim City to avoid any untoward incident during the Devasnana Purnima tomorrow. This apart, other essential services including ambulance deployment have also been ensured.

Here are the details of the traffic and security arrangements made in and around Srimandir for Devasnana Purnima:


To maintain smooth traffic flow Puri town has been divided into three zones. Zone-I is divided into 4 sectors, Zone-II divided into 3 sectors and Zone-III divided into 2 sectors. Similarly, Outside Traffic (Zone-IV) has been divided into 4 sectors.

  • Zonal/Sectoral Plan: The entire traffic arrangement has been divided into the following (4) Four Zones and each zone have been divided into several sectors. One DSP will remain In-charge of a zone whereas one SI/ASI will remain In-charge of a sector in a motorcycle with one constable and manpack set.
  • Zone-I (Inside Traffic-1) comprising of (4) four sectors: Area- Atharanala to Hospital Crossing via Old Nabakalebar Road, Matiapada, Red Cross Road, Jatia Baba Chhak, Narendrakona, Grand Road, Market Chhak up to Lion’s Gate around the temple, Mangala Ghat, Balisahi Road and connected Lanes.
  • ZONE-II (lnside Traffic-2) comprising of (3) three sectors: Area- Nrusingha Temple Chhak to Subash Bose Chhak via Balighat, Grid Station Chhak, ITI Chhak, C.T. Road and Medical Chhak to Ganduachaura Via VIP Road Subash Bose Chhak, Harihar Chhak, Sea Beach Road, Hans CoCo Palm, and Lokanath Road.
  • ZONE-III (Inside Traffic-3)comprising of (2) two sectors: Area- Atharanala to Malatipatapur, Biraharekrushnapur Bazar to Balighat via New Nabakalebar Road, Malatipatapur to Hotel Toshali Sands via Nilachal Link (ROB) and up to Balighat via Grid Station.
  • Zone-IV ( Outside Traffic ) comprising of (4) four sectors: Area- From Malatipatapur to Uttara (NH-316) and other connecting roads outside Puri town.

One DSP/ AC will remain in charge of each zone and one inspector will remain in charge of each sector. One DC will remain in charge of the traffic arrangement inside Puri town and one Commandant will remain in overall charge of the traffic arrangement of Puri district.

Mobility Plan

  • Four Wheelers: All the four wheelers coming Jagannath Ballav parking place. When the Jagannath Ballav Parking place is filled up the vehicles will be diverted to Saradhabali. When the Saradhabali parking place is filled up the vehicles will be diverted to SCS College and Zila School Parking place.
  • Two Wheelers: All the two-wheelers will be parked on the eastern side of Grand Road (Municipality Market Side) from Town PS to Market Crossing and will return through Medical Crossing.
  • Regular Passenger Buses: All the regular passenger buses will come to Municipality Bus Stand and return to their destination as usual.

Parking Places

  • Two-wheeler—On the Eastern side of Grand Road from Town PS to Market Square.
  • Light vehicle—Jagannath Ballav Parking Place; 2. Saradhabali Parking place; 3. Puri Zilia School Parking Place; 4. S.C.S.College Parking Place; 5. ITI College Campus; 6. Digabareni Parking Place; 7. Yatrika Parking Place; 8. Florish India Parking Place; 9. Chhapan Chhak Parking Place.


  • The ticket holders will be allowed inside Shree Jagannath Temple for Pahandi Darshan through Southern Gate.
  • After Pahandi the devotees will be allowed for general darshan of the Jews on Snanabedi through barricade No. 2 then barricade No. 1 & Lions Gate only and after darshan, they will exit through Northern Gate.
  • As after Pahandi till carrying of Bhoga there will be rituals of defies on Snanabedi, so the devotees entered inside Temple through lions gate for Darshan will take a round of Inner Bedha will enter to Ananda Bazar through Ghoda Dwar and will pass under Snanabedi through a barricade for darshan of Deities.
  • During carrying of Bhoga the devotees will not take a round of Inner Bedha, they will take a turn from Baisipancha towards Ananda Bazar and will have a darshan of Jews in the same process.
  • There is Police arrangement at all the 04 Gates of Shree Jagannath Temple. General public will not be allowed through Northern, Southern & Western Gates. Besides, there is deployment at Kakudikhai Chhaka, Gandua Chaura Chhaka, Gadanti Chhaka, Laxmi Bazar Chhaka to regulate the crowd.
  • The devotees will have darshan of Jews on Snanabedi from Grand Road in front of Pathagara.
  • There is Police arrangement in front of Patha ghara to ensure smooth darshan by the devotees from Grand Road.
  • There is Police arrangement inside & outside Shree Jagannath Temple to prevent mischief, molestation, pickpocketing, crowd congestion etc.

Crowd Mangement inside/outside Srimandir/Traffic/VIP Security Tourist/Pilgrim Facilitation: Commandant- 3, DC/Addl SP-9, DSP/AC- 16, Inspector/Sub- 37, SI/ASI- 225, Havildar- 41, Traffic Havildar- 10, Constable- 302, Traffic Constable- 48, HG- 558, Bugler- 3, JTP/JTS- 3 and Force- 124 Sec.

  • CCTV Recording: CCTV has been installed in and around Shree Jagannath Temple and other important locations of Grand Road and also at other places in Puri town to keep watch over any suspicious movement.
  • Plain Cloth Arrangement: In order to prevent any terrorist/extremist activities inside and outside of Shree Jagannath Temple 4 plain cloth teams have been formed. The staff detailed on duty will collect/communicate timely information to required quarters.
  • Anti-Sabotage Checking: Anti-Sabotage check will be conducted by the Special teams deputed by SP Head Quarters during Devasnana Purnima Festival, 2019. It is planned to utilise 6 Anti Sabotage teams to sanitise the various suspicious areas inside Puri town. DSP, City, Puri will ensure strict adherence of SOP during the anti-sabotage checking.
  • STU: One STU unit will be available at tactical places selected by DSP City, Puri
  • Striking Force: One Striking Force consisting of 1 SI/ ASI and 1 Platoon force has been deployed for Inside Jagannath temple under the charge of AC Temple Security. Similarly, 3 striking forces have been deployed at Temple OP, Town PS and Kumbhrapada PS consisting of 3 officers and 2 section of force.
  • Evacuation Plan: Special arrangement has been made for crowd clearance in case of any eventuality or stampede-like situation in and around Shree Jagannath Temple.
  • Ambulance/Fire: The CDMO, Puri has been requested separately to depute medical teams and to keep Ambulance in strategic locations to render different Medical assistance as and when required during the festival. He has also been requested to depute stretchers with bearers at the four Gates of Shree Jagannath Temple and near Snanabedi to meet any exigency. One medical unit should remain present near the Temple Administration Office (Inside Temple). Asst. Fire Officer, Pun has been asked to depute Fire Fighting Units to strategic places during the festival to meet any eventuality. All the Ambulance and Fire Service vehicles on duty will be allowed to go up to Town PS.
  • Life Guard: There will be one separate rescue team of Life Guards deployed by Asst. Fire officer which will be available with the IIC Sea Beach PS to prevent drowning in the sea.

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