Bhopal rains: Frogs ‘married’ to please rain gods ‘divorced’ 2 months after wedding


Bhopal: There have been reports of people marrying off frogs to appease the rain gods, but the amphibians have separated to stop the rain fury.

‘Mandooka Kalyanotsava’ or frog marriages are a common practice in India to usher the rain Gods and save people from droughts.

Two frogs that were united in holy matrimony on July 19, but a couple of months after the unconventional ceremony was consummated in Udupi the amphibians have been divorced.

In view of the heavy rains lashing Madhya Pradesh, the, er, “couple” had to be divorced to stop the rains.

Bhopal’s lower settlements were flooded after heavy rains on Wednesday. To avoid any more rains in the region, members of Om Shiv Seva Shakti Mandal of Indrapuri area symbolically divorced the frogs on Wednesday evening.

During the ceremony, mantras were chanted and the frogs were separated. The members of the Om Shiva Seva Shakti Mandal believe that the way the divorce of the frogs would bring relief to the people of Bhopal.

Notably, in September, MP received an increase in rainfall by 26% and experienced flood-like situations in most parts, while Bhopal recorded 48mm of heavy rainfall.

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