Apple Launches Beats Solo Pro


Mumbai: Apple has launched Beats Solo Pro, the first major redesign of the on-ear pair since Apple acquired Beats Electronics back in 2014.

The Apple-owned brand announced the upcoming pair of headphones—an upgrade to the already excellent Solo3. At first glance, the Solo Pro looks very similar to its predecessor. But while noise canceling is the standout feature, the headphones also come with some other boosts: squishier ear pads, longer battery life, Apple’s latest H1 Bluetooth chip, to name a few.

The company claims its Solo lineup represents the most popular headphones in the world, with over 30 million sold.

The company considers the Solo Pros to be part of a “next generation” of products led by the superb Powerbeats Pro from earlier this year.

As a technology, noise-canceling was first developed to tune out the very specific sound of airplane engines. It works by inverting sound waves. To block out the racket, noise-canceling headphones use microphones to listen to the sounds around you, then feed your ears a synthetic sound wave over the top of the roar.

For the Solo Pro, Beats developed a three-pronged approach to noise canceling. First is an environmental mode that uses the external microphones to take in your surroundings and isolate the sounds of all that external commotion. Second is a noise leak feature, which identifies how much of the external sound is actually hitting your ears—since the on-ear design may form an imperfect seal—and adjusts frequencies accordingly. Lastly, the headphones analyze the audio you’ve chosen to listen to and ensure that the particular frequencies in the music (or the podcast) aren’t being blocked.

The company says the Solo Pro gets 22 hours of battery life when using noise-canceling or transparency mode, and 40 hours with both features turned off.

The efficient H1 chip in the headphones helps with the battery life as well as managing the Bluetooth connection.

The Solo Pro is available for preorder today, with a planned release on October 30 for $299 (roughly Rs. 21,400), and the Beats Solo 3 will remain in Apple’s lineup for now at a reduced price of $199 (roughly Rs. 14,200).

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