XUB: An University or merciless institution?


Bhubaneswar: Although the controversy over absence of the varsity logo on degree certificates and students’ unrest for being deprived of getting placement opportunities still remain unabated in Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB), the authorities have geared up for keeping media out of the campus happenings.

However, some reports have been unravelled that it was few months’ post joining of the students that the administration denied any link between XIMB and XUB and forced students to accept that.

Anxious students kept on requesting the administration to reconsider their decision considering the fact that before joining at no point of time were they clarified that they won’t be receiving an XIMB logo and name in their degree. There were 15 instances where the students formally approached the administration (Vice Chancellor, Registrar and Deans) to meet with the students and understand their concerns and queries. But in vain each time the students were denied a platform where they could raise their issues regarding the future of more than 200 students.

After repeated failures of asking the administration and with the administration denying to provide the degree with XIMB name and logo, the students finally went to the Registrars’ office with only few weeks left for convocation.

While at the Registrars’ office, a few students got to know that the Vice Chancellor was trying to avoid the students and thus they went to convince him. Amidst all this, a few students found the Vice Chancellor escaping and requested him to meet the students to which he denied and walked away.

Students explained the Vice Chancellor the urgent necessity to conduct a batch-meet and address them since the tension is rising by every minute. In all of that, a batch-meet was finally conducted and the next day a resolution was passed that the students will get the same degree as that of their seniors on fulfilling the criteria of submitting an unconditional apology. But the administration had an apology format of their own in which the students needed to sign.

Meanwhile, rumors spread that the administration has decided to file an FIR against the students. Both the parties could not reach an amicable solution and it led to even more rising anxiety and apprehension among the students.

While the students are undergoing through mental stress the administration ordered the students to vacate the hostel and premises within 24 hours. This led to even more stressful conditions as many students have come from various states across the country and many others are awaiting placements. Students requested the administration to reconsider their stance on the matter.

The students of 2016-18 batch once again rendered an apology to the administration and asked them to revoke the hostel vacating orders on humanitarian grounds, but it fell on deaf ears. Adding to all of this, the administration even threatened to stop the upcoming placement processes if the students didn’t vacate the hostel. Eventually, the students were forced to vacate the hostel and are now left without a roof over their head.

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