Wrestler Divya Kakran slams Delhi CM for lack of support


New Delhi: Wrestler Divya Kakran who won a bronze medal at 18th Asian Games in Indonesia slammed Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and his government for lack of support for the athletes.

At a felicitation ceremony in New Delhi on Tuesday, Divya told Kejriwal on his face that she could have won gold medal if government had lend their support to her.

“I’d won a medal at the Commonwealth Games (in Gold Coast, Australia, earlier this year) and you had told me that I will receive more help going forward. But not even my phone calls were answered,” Kakran told Kejriwal in front of other medal winners and government officials.

“You’re felicitating us today but please also think of poor kids aspiring to become athletes. You’ve gathered us today to congratulate us but there’s no support provided when we need it most. If we’re given that support at the right time then we can even win gold,” she added.

However, Keriwal dodge the matter by saying that his polices gets snubbed due to politics at the higher level. “You’ll must have read in newspapers how there are obstacles being put in front of the work we try to do. What you’re saying is right. Not just you, many athletes come to us with similar complaints. However, whichever policies we have drafted until now have been shunted for some reason or the other at the higher level. The felicitation we’re doing today is only because of the Supreme Court’s recent judgement,” he said.

Divya won the medal at the Games after beating Taiwan’s Chen Wenling in the 68kg category bronze medal match. It was her first medal at the Asian Games.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal during the ceremony announced that the prize money for the state players who won medals at Asian games will be increased.

The prize money of gold medalists has been raised from 20 lakhs to 1 crore, silver medalists will now be entitled to an amount of 75 lakhs instead of 14 lakhs. The bronze medal winners also got a raise from existing 10 lakhs to 50 lakhs.

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