World’s smallest baby growing happily


Tokyo: The world’s smallest baby boy weighing as much as an apple is now ready for the outside world. He was born in Japan in October last year.

His doctor said on Friday that Ryusuke Sekiya was delivered via emergency Caesarean section after 24 weeks and five days of pregnancy as his mother Toshiko experienced hypertension.

The baby weighs 258 grams (9.1 ounces) and is even lighter than the previous record holder, another Japanese boy who weighed just 268 grams.

When Ryusuke was born on October 1, 2018, he measured 22 centimetres (8.66 inches) tall.

The baby was kept in neonatal intensive care unit and was fed with tubes.

Nearly seven months later, the boy has grown 13 times in weight, now weighing over three kilogrammes. He will be released from Nagano Children’s Hospital in central Japan over the weekend.

His mother Toshiko told reporters: “When he was born, he was so small, and it seemed as if he would break with a touch. I was so worried”.

She is relieved now that her son drinks milk and happily growing.

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