Worker injured in Blast Furnace-V explosion of RSP


Rourkela: A worker has been injured in an explosion in blast furnace –V of Rourkela Steel Plant (RSP) and was rushed to the Ispat General Hospital (IGH).

Earlier on June 1, the officers and employees of RSP had made efforts for 15 days to revive the Blast Furnace (BF)-V as during its partial run, hot metal production reached about 3,500 tonnes.

Yet, technical experts in the RSP apprehend that the management’s haste in restoring production may backfire as the inferior quality hot metal with high silicon content at later stage may damage the refractory linings of the BF and the converters. Apparently, the management was under intense pressure as failure of the BF-V had rendered several downstream production units idle.

BF-V, on an average, produces about 8,000 tonnes of hot metal daily. After its erratic functioning since May 15, the operation of BF-V had completely stopped on May 18.

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