Woman cuts off tongue to offer at Madhya Pradesh temple


Morena/Madhya Pradesh: India is a country which is known for its devotion and faith it has in Gods and in order to fulfill this, the people do not seem to be scared of going a step ahead. Recently, a 45-year-old woman hailing from Madhya Pradesh cut off her tongue and offered it to a temple situated in Morena.

After the woman had cut off her tongue, other devotees present at the temple rushed her to a nearby hospital where she is currently said to be undergoing a surgery.

Guddi Tomar, a devotee of Goddess Durga, suddenly chopped off her tongue and offered it at the Bijasen Mata temple in Tarsama village, about 50 km from Morena district. Following this, she fell unconscious.

The woman’s husband, Ravi Tomar, said his wife had been visiting the Bijasen temple every day in the morning and evening since they got married.

“We have three sons. My wife is an ardent devotee of Goddess Durga. She suddenly sliced off her tongue yesterday afternoon when she was offering prayers at the temple,” he said.

This is not the first time that a devotee has gone ahead and offered his own body part to the Gods. Recently, a girl from Bihar scooped out her left at a temple of Goddess Durga.

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