Woman attempts suicide at Mahila police station


Bhubaneswar: A 25 year old woman attempted suicide in the premises of Mahila police station here in the city on Monday by pouring kerosene on her.

As per sources, the woman, named Rashmita Bahubalendra residing at Shyampur in Khandagiri area of the city had earlier complained against her husband, Akshay Bahubalendra accusing him of pushing her into prostitution and also forcing her to illegal ganja peddling. But the police not being taking appropriate action against the accused, Rashmita is ascertained to take such step.

As per complaint filed by Rashmita, she was married to Akshay five years back. The accused, Akshay works as a driver. Rashmita has alleged that Akshay tortured her physically and mentally if she refused to do anything he wanted.

She has said that Akshay started torturing her just after few days of their marriage. She alleged that he used to beat her, even poured hot oil on here, pricked safety pins and even tried to strangulate her once. He used to threaten of dire consequences if reported of the incidents to anyone. Thinking of her children’s life, she had not disclosed the cases to anyone. She was kept under house arrest with a constant vigil.

She was constantly sent for prostitution and was used as an accomplice to transport illegal ganja from one place to another. She kept quiet as he threatened to kill her and the children.

However, on February 25, taking the chance of no one being present at the house, Rashmita managed to flee from the clutches of her husband.

Meanwhile, with the complaint of the complaint now, police has registered a case against the accused. DCP Satyabrata Bhoi has said that a team would be sent to Khurda to make a case study for further investigation.

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