What ails BJP, questions BJD on candidate list delay


Bhubaneswar: The ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) on Wednesday targeted the BJP over the delay in the announcement of its candidates for the assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

“What ails the BJP that it is unable to come up with its candidate list so far. Is everything fine in the party,” questioned BJD spokesperson Sasmit Patra.

“It seems that while the BJP was singing empty rhetoric of 120+, they, in fact, did not and do not have even 120 candidates for fighting the election,” he added.

He said the BJD has released its candidate list for 54 MLAs and nine MPs seats and Congress despite being out of power for 19 years is able to come out with a list of 36 MLAs and six MP candidates. However, the BJP is anxiously waiting for candidates from other parties to join them to make a semblance of a candidate list.

“This shows that the BJP is dejected, frustrated and out of ideas even before the electoral battle has started and is moving towards a disastrous electoral defeat,” Patra said.

“It seems BJP is trying to save face by waiting from candidates from other parties and therefore their list of candidates is getting delayed,” Patra added.

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