WhatsApp groups to share death info at district level


Bhubaneswar: While incidents of Dana Majhi carrying his dead wife on his shoulders keep occurring in state every now and then, the Government has decided to constitute WhatsApp groups across hospitals at district level and ensure exchange of death information of all victims coming into the hospitals.

Information on death, discharge of dead bodies, postmortem will be exchanged through WatsApp groups making all the concerned officials taking from hospital medical officers to district level administrators aware of the status of each and every death reports at hospitals across the district.

A decision to exchange of such reports online was taken during a meeting chaired by Health Secretary Pramod Kumar Meherda by on the backdrop of another Dana Majhi like incident at Jajpur whereby a youth was seen carrying his mother’s dead body on shoulders.

Since the state government had passed some no-bar rules to be followed in hospitals following the Dana Majhi incident but the same is yet to be seen followed at hospitals. Amid such a backdrop, Meherda said “No dead bodies can be discharged from hospitals without appropriate certificates,”

As per sources, BDO, Tehsildar, all medical officers of district (CDMO), SDMO will be included in the Watsapp group. All the detail death reports and related information at hospitals will be shared in the group.

When a person dies the concerned medical officer will inform the issue to the kin of the victim let them know about the funds associated with it and share the status in the group. After getting reports from the kin of the victim regarding whether they want to take the body under their own supervision or whether they would avail governmental services the officer will share the approval reports in the group and further actions will be taken as per that.

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