Water is precious: Waterless Holi will save people from dying


Bhubaneswar:  When the nation is celebrating Holi on Friday, startling fact related to the festival of colour has surfaced that has made us think about water crisis.

According to a report , a Holi reveler roughly utilizes 30 litres of water. The estimation shows If five lakh people in a city use nearly thirty litres of water during Holi, then we end up wasting  a staggering 15 lakh litres.

The report said we will do it at the risk of food security as 80 per cent of water is used in agriculture.

A government think-tank report said  our country is currently passing through the worst water crisis ever with 600 million people living in regions where  getting a few buckets of water for daily consumption is very hard to find.

A  report released by non-profit organization, WaterAid, on March 22 (World Water Day) said a billion people in the country live in water-scarce areas.

The celebs and Twitteratis have embarked upon  #WaterlessHoli  this year to make people aware of the fact that how water is precious and worth saving.

A distressing report said nearly 2,00,000 Indians die every year for not getting  clean water.


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