Vitamin C Helps to Keep Cataracts Away


March 25, 2016 05:58 PM IST

A recent study has found that higher dietary intake of vitamin C has a potentially preventative effect on cataract progression. The research looked at the progression of cataracts in the eyes of 324 pairs of female twins from the Twins UK registry over 10 years by examining photographs of the participant’s lenses that allowed them to analyze the level of opacity of the lens in detail. Participant intake of vitamin C was also measured using a food questionnaire.

They found that those participants who had a higher intake of vitamin C were associated with a 33 per cent risk reduction of cataract progression and had ‘clearer’ lenses after the 10 years than those who had consumed less vitamin C as part of their diet. The study also found that environmental factors (including diet) influenced cataract more than genetic factors, which only explained

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