VIMSAR regains normalcy as students call off stir


Sambalpur: Finally, the VIMSAR PG students have called off their cease work and agreed to resume the normal duties after assurance from the Health Minister of the State.

With this, the medical authorities heaved a sigh of relief as they were in a difficult situation after a face-off erupted between the Diector of the institute and the PG students.

Due to the cease work by the PG students, who do a major part of the treatment work, including the outdoor works, the health service was in a limbo.

“After a brief discussion with Health Minister Pratap Jena, we decided to withdraw the agitation and join duty,” said the PG students, adding, “We didn’t want any confrontation since we have high sense of responsibility. But situation led us to so.”

However, a strong but broad hearted administrator Dr Aswini Pujahari narrated the entire episode to be totally internal affairs of the VIMSAR. “We will settle the matter amicably in a friendly manner,” Dr Pujahari said.

The public also expressed pleasure since such an uncalled- for situation in the premier health institute of the State had come to an end. “The decision of the PG students is a wise one.

They should have done the same from the very beginning looking at the resentment of the public,” opined Sapan Mishra of the Paschimanchal People’s Forum.

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