Vijay Mallya accuses banks for double standards


New Delhi: The fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya on Tuesday had a dig at public sector banks for playing  “double standards” under the present dispensation.

Mallya asked why the public sector banks are not coming forward to bail him out of the present crisis as it did to Jet Airways.

In a series of tweets reacting to banks led by State Bank of India taking over management control of troubled Jet Airways, Mallya said, he could only wish the same was done for Kingfisher.

He said he was happy to see that PSU Banks have bailed out Jet Airways saving jobs, connectivity and enterprise.

The embattled tycoon further tweeted that the same PSU Banks let India’s finest airline with the best employees and connectivity fail ruthlessly.

He also lashed out at the BJP for differential treatment meted out to Kingfisher and Jet Airways.

The fugitive businessman reiterated his offer to pay off dues through his assets.

According to media reports, Mallya had filed his application in the UK High Court seeking permission to appeal against an extradition order signed by the British Home Secretary.

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