Vessel carrying 335 people stranded in Baltic Sea after fire


Denmark: A ferry with 335 people on board was stranded in the Baltic Sea after an explosion in the engine room.

The Lithuanian military sent a helicopter to the ferry and has two more on standby if needed, a spokesman for the country’s air force said.

The fire reportedly began while the Regina Seaways was in Russian exclusive economic waters off the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

The ferry sent out a distress call at 10.45am (GMT) while in international waters off Kaliningrad, Russia’s Baltic Sea exclave between Poland and Lithuania.

All the passengers are said to be safe. The operator said the ship was being towed to Klaipeda. A rescue operation is underway. Russian officials are also involved in the operation, reports say.

No passengers or crew members were injured, according to a statement.

The Regina Seaways was built in 2010 and can carry up to 500 passengers.

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