Two day old female newborn found from compost near Jajpur


Jajpur: In a heart wrenching incident, a two day old female newborn was found buried alive in a compost pit in Shyamsundarpur near Jajpur on Saturday. Locals rescued the baby dumped in the trash and took her to the nearest hospital immediately.

A 17 year old boy of the village was at the fields near the compost at around 9 am when he noticed two tiny legs sprouting from the garbage dumped for compost. He immediately called other villagers and they rescued the baby. Miraculously, the baby was alive and though breathless, became normal after locals including Asha workers called a 108 ambulance and admitted her to the nearby Dharmashala Gosthi Health Centre. The doctors said the baby is two days old and must have been buried today itself.

The Jenapur police of the Anjira panchayat where the village is located is probing into the matter. while villagers feel may be an unwed mother took such a ghastly step out of social shame, many also feel it could be the bias against female child that the baby was buried alive.

Many people gathered to adopt the baby after the news was telecast on a television channel. The baby is now under the Jajpur Sishu Mangal Abhijan’s care.

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