Tusker menace haunts villages in Angul


Angul: Few months after when two tuskers created havoc in Khamar and Chhendipada areas in the district, another tusker has appeared in Madhapur range of Athmallick division and has been damaging crops and property for the last 10 days.

An aged tusker, separated from its herd, is entering human habitation and destroying houses in villages under Madhapur, Athmallick and Bamur range areas.

This tusker had entered Kandhapali village under Madhapur range and damaged a house. Residents of the house were forced to flee from their place. “It ate food items in the house. It escaped after the forest officials chased it away,” sources said.

Tusker menace has cropped up recently at Madhapur range in Athmallick forest division.

Earlier, a tusker in Chhendipada had killed 8-10 persons and it is yet to be traced.
Another tusker is reported to have killed five persons and is creating havoc in Khamar and Talcher ranges.

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