Turkish Cargo plane hits village, 32 dead


Bishkek: A Cargo plane crashed near Kyrgyzstan’s main airport on Monday, leaving 32 people dead including four pilots as it hit a populated area after attempting to land in thick fog, sources said. Around 15 houses have been damaged by the crash.

The majority of the deceased were from the village of Dacha-Suu where the plane a Turkish Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Istanbul via Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek crashed.

The plane was supposed to make a stopover at Manas, near the capital city Bishkek, on its way from Hong Kong to Istanbul. It crashed when trying to land in poor visibility, said airport administration.  According to the emergency services ministry, the crash caused fires that have now been localised.

Notably, the country’s Manas airport has been closed and flights cancelled until evening at the earliest, airport authorities said.

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