Traffic fine collection goes digital in twin city


Bhubaneswar: The Commissionerate Police on Monday launched the e-Challan system for twin city of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack to enable traffic violators to pay their fines through debit or credit cards.

Director General of Police RP Sharma inaugurated the e-Challan system at a function at the Police Commissionerate Headquarters here on Monday.

“Cashless transaction is a convenient mode not only for the offenders to pay their fines through Debit/Credit card but also for the Enforcement officers to collect fines or fees,” Sharma said after launching the system.

“Besides, the e-Challan system will reduce the paperwork to a great extent. It also enhances transparency in the collection of fines and fees. The system will lead to better enforcement of traffic and other regulations under various acts,” he added.

Twin city Police Commissioner Satyajit Mohanty said the system would bring more transparency in collection of fines and license fees.

HDFC bank will provide POS machines, payment gateway system and other necessary hardware and software support. Debasis Senapati, Regional Head, HDFC, Bank assured continued support to police.

The application system is so designed that the POS machines will generate two electronic money receipt copies (Payer copy and Merchant copy) on payment through the digital mode with all the details.

All the POS machines will be integrated to designated Bank Account which has been opened by the Commissionerate Police at the HDFC Bank through the Bank’s Payment gateway. A record of transactions will be kept under each head of the account separately on day to day and monthly basis by the bank, and it can be retrieved by the Commissionerate Police on real-time basis.

The system also has the provision of generating MIS separately for all the seven different types of receipts on real-time as well as a daily basis.

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