Terrorist Attack in Southern Russia, Timely Step Averts Casualty


April 12, 2016 01:39 AM IST

Moscow: Preparedness and timely steps of Russian police has foiled a suicide attack by a group of terrorists in the Southern part of the country not very far from volatile majority-Muslim North Caucasus area. The incident took place in the Stavropol villages, where three terrorists stormed a police station and one of them blew himself.

While the blast, damaged the infrastructure of the police station significantly neither any civilian nor any cop was injured in the attack. If to go by the Russian Interior Ministry sources, the police resorted to the prescribed “Fortress Plan” as soon as the attack took place. It added, as the plan includes a higher degree of preparedness very similar to armed forces, casualty was well averted averted. All three terrorists got killed in the attack.

Worth mentioning, the Caucasus area in the Southern Russia has seen a surge in separatist activities in recent years with Muslim groups trying to carve out a Caliphate. In the recent past terrorists have targeted policemen in a series of car bombings and shootings. After today’s attack, police has been put on high alert in the area.

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