Terror violence shrinks by half in J&K post demonetisation


Bhubaneswar: Recent assessment by Central Intelligence Agencies has revealed that there has been a sharp decline in acts of terrorism related violence and hawala operations by almost more than half post demonetisation in Jammu and Kashmir.

The hawala operations which goes through call traffic has been badly affected after the November 8 scrapping of high value currency notes. This has resulted in dropping of their call traffic by about 50 per cent.

Sources said terror funds are mostly provided through instant cash and made up with counterfeit currencies. They are stated to be printed in some parts of Pakistan like Karachi, Quetta.

Post demonetisation funds have dried up which were earlier used for organizing terror related activities like stone pelting, paying over ground terror facilitators.

As a result weakening network base of terror organizations have been seen with counter-terrorist operations intensifying. This has also discouraged terror facilitators from wreaking unrest in the valley.

Official reports claim that there has been only one major blast in the valley leading to such good statistics after some months of turmoil and public unrest.

Similarly, another area which has been badly hit by cash crunch is the real estate market which is generally artificially skewed by land mafia leading to lessening of corrupt deals.

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