Telangana BJP manifesto promise cows every year


Hyderabad: The election manifesto of the BJP in Telangana says free distribution of cows every year at villages during festivals. Telangana is going to polls on December seven.

Party’s manifesto committee chairman NVSS Prabhakar said a plan is afoot for distribution of cows in different regions of the state, particularly in rural sector, for boosting agriculture. He said there is a proposal for free distribution of one lakh cows every year.

Prabhakar said rural economy and agriculture sector has to be given priority and observed that such an effort by BJP would have wonderful impact in Telangana. He hinted at formation of a mini India linguistic welfare board in the state for the well being of minorities. The manifesto is likely to be released next week.

On the linguistic welfare board, Prabhakar said this will be beneficial for those minorities who struggle in Hyderabad and other cities in search of employment.

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