Swine flu: Gujarat, Maharashtra worst affected


New Delhi: While Delhi recorded 1,066 cases of swine flu – the human respiratory infection caused by an influenza strain that started in pigs – in the last month alone, Gujarat and Maharashtra seem to be the worst affected, in terms of infections and deaths.

Replicating the 2015 epidemic, the death toll in Gujarat has reached to 280 and the number of reported cases has increased to 3,220 this week.

On the basis of latest official figures, dated August 13, Maharashtra reported 409 deaths and 4,011 infections. The public health professionals are expecting that the numbers in both states are likely to rise, as per sources.

According to reports in 2015, Maharashtra had 8,538 swine flu cases and 903 deaths, while Gujarat had 7,180 cases and 517 deaths.

Swine flu is caused by H1N1 influenza virus and is a respiratory disease. Being a contagious disease, H1N1 virus transmits form an infected person to a healthy one like any other influenza virus through the modes of inhalation, ingestion, or through human touch.

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