Sutlej-Yamuna Link canal dispute : SC rules Punjab’s scrapping of water sharing as illegal


New Delhi: In a huge setback for SAD-BJP alliance Punjab government in Sultej-Yamuna canal dispute, on Thursday the Supreme Court ruled terming as unconstitutional a law that was passed in the state in 2004 to end all its water agreements with neighboring states.

A five-judge Constitution Bench said Punjab is trying to wriggle out of the agreement from sharing water with its adjoining states like Haryana, Delhi and others states. Meanwhile, the court has also issued directive to the government for construct the SYL canal in its territory.

Ahead of upcoming assembly election in state the verdict has sharply escalated fresh controversy.

All state congress MLAs have resigned against Supreme Court ruling. Amarinder Singh too resigned as MP protesting against the verdict.

Earlier Punjab had passed a law during 2004 unilaterally noting that it wanted to shut down water sharing agreement with other neighboring states.

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