Surrendered Maoists Enjoy Hockey With Naveen; Feel Part Of The Mainstream


Bhubaneswar: Surrendered Maoists, who were rehabilitated by the Odisha government, enjoyed watching a hockey match with Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at the Kalinga Stadium here.Surrendered Maoists Enjoy Hockey

The hardcore Maoist surrendered cadres had evinced interest to watch the Hockey World and on their request, the Malkangiri Superintendent of Police, in close coordination with other State Government Officials, made necessary arrangements.

When they visited the Kalinga Stadium today to watch the Hockey World Cup, they were overjoyed to see that they would be able to sit and interact with the Chief Minister and watch the match, between India and Belgium in a special gallery at the stadium, along with him.

They thanked the Chief Minister for the opportunity and expressed their happiness for the time of interaction with him, which is an experience of a lifetime according to them. They said, “We truly feel today that we are part of the mainstream.”

A total of 30 hardcore surrendered Maoist, including 16 women came to watch the Hockey World Cup match. 20 of them were from Malkangiri and 10 from Koraput district. They were earlier working in different positions / ranks in CPI (Maoist) Organisation. They also visited the Nandankanan Zoological Park. They will be visiting the Bhubaneswar Dot Fest, Lingaraj Temple and Jagannath Temple at Puri tomorrow.

Surrendered Maoists Enjoy HockeyIn course of interaction, these hardcore surrendered Maoists stated that they surrendered because:

  • The appeal for peace made by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.
  • A very progressive, liberal and extremely beneficial Surrender and Rehabilitation Scheme of the Odisha Government.

The pro-active initiatives of the Odisha Government which include ensuring that the pro-poor developmental schemes reach all particularly tribal areas, construction of roads to the remote and inaccessible villages, Gurupriya Bridge and other facilities like water supply, electrification, health care, education, etc.Surrendered Maoists Enjoy Hockey

They expressed that they have been properly rehabilitated by the State Government after surrender and they are living a comfortable life now. The financial assistance, vocational training, etc provided to them under the Scheme has transformed their lives significantly.

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