Superstitious act: Youth chopped tongue at temple premises to satisfy God


Khurda:  In an incident, a youth sliced off his tongue and offered it to the Goddess in a bid to appease Her on Monday morning. The youth was reported to make the act out of blind faith and superstition.

As per sources, the youth named Deba Taras (aged 20) hailing from Haatanuasahi of Kuhudi village in Tangi of  Khurdha district was a +3 student. He was allegedly picketing in the Chandeswar temple of his village for the last 8 days apparently to appease the deity for granting his heart’s desire of securing good marks in his final examination.

The temple priest immediately noticing on Monday morning informed his family members. After which the youth was immediately rushed to the Capital Hospital in Bhubaneswar after he bled profusely and fainted.

Meanwhile, the locals of the area were reported to be shocked after the incident.

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