Superstition: Disabled priest suffers burn to please deity


Phulbani: In yet another incident of superstition, a differently-abled priest sustained severe burn injuries during a secret ritual, in a bid to please the presiding deity of Mahamayi Temple at Ugamunda near Baliguda in Khandhamal district.

While the incident took place on September 8, the matter came to light after a video went viral on social media, forcing the local police to take cognizance of the matter.

According to reports, the injured youth identified as Bhabani Shankar Nanda suffered 50 per cent burn injuries during a ritual conducted at the temple in the presence of several devotees and temple authorities.

In the video, it was seen that Bhabani was tied upside down with a fire place underneath him while the other temple priest was seen conducting rituals. But, Bhabani slips directly into the flames and his dress catches fire.

However, his family members instead of taking him to the hospital preferred to treat him at their house following which his condition remained critical.

After, the video went viral, police reached Bhabani’s house today morning and shifted him to the Baliguda hospital where his condition is stated to be critical.

On the other hand, his family members have denied any knowledge about the rituals. Sources said the family members are tight-lipped over the issue following pressure from the persons responsible for the mishap.

Baliguda police have launched a probe into the incident and action will be taken against those found responsible, informed SDPO.

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