Super Typhoon Nock-Ten threatens Phillipines


Manila: A super typhoon is on the verge of wreaking havoc as it collides with Phillipines, country’s meteorological sources said.

The category two typhoon named Nock-Ten has intensified into a super typhoon with maximum sustained winds of 175 km gusting up to 215 km per hour. It is heading for landfall over Cataduanes Island in the central Bicol region by Christmas evening.

Meanwhile, thousands of residents have been evacuated from low lying eastern province areas. The storm is moving at 15 km ph based somewhere around 70 km from its landfall post.

Philippines tropical warning signal number 4 have been hoisted which has raised alarm of sever destruction especially to high rise structures, cultivation. Forecasts of heavy surge of two to three meters in coastal areas and very heavy rainfall in several parts of the country including capital Manila have been sounded.

Notably, the count6ry batters with at least 20 typhoons every year. Last time super typhoon Haiyan stormed the country with ferocious power and killed more than 6000 people and rendered nearly 4 millions.

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