Street fest celebrates Paika Rebellion bicentenary in city


Bhubaneswar: While people of Odisha and the State Government are celebrating the 200 years of the Paika Rebellion, the capital city’s street fest on the Sunday too observed it here. The stages of the Patha Utsav witnessed heroic dances performed by Paika Akhadas.

The rhythm of the dances recalled the gallantry marches of Paikas against the Britishers. More particularly, a women’s group performed a very powerful dance with swords in their hands recalling the brave woman militia who never gave up their weapons till the surrender of the foreign enemies.

Janpath saw a replica of the battlefield of the Paika Rebellion with hundreds of participants decorating themselves as typical Paikas with swords and weapons in their hands and some performing street play on the theme.

The day’s music session began with the famous song on Paika heroes sung by legendary late Akshaya Mohanty. Ollywood singer Bibhu Kishore was one of the key attractions.

Some organisations hosted drawing, painting and street plays to commemorate the World Nature Conservation Day which falls on July 28.

Since morning, Janpath was drenched with light rains. In tune with this, songs on rains added a romantic flavour to the event at the second stage.


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