Stiff protest against slum eviction drive at Bharatpur in capital city


Bhubaneswar: In an eviction drive at Maa Tarini slum in Bharatpur under ward 22 in the city, a joint enforcement squad including BDA, BMC and GA department failed miserably after facing vehement opposition from residents, including Kinnars on their way for demolition.

As many as hundreds of slum dwellers, mostly Kinnars, gathered as soon as the eviction team reached the spot with Backhoe loader machines (JCB) and police force.

The protest was led by Nikhila Odisha Kinnar and Third Gender Federation secretary Meghna Sahoo, Menaka Kinnar, Rani Kinnar and Sneha Kinnar. They asked the officials to first evict lands grabbed by unlawful means by heavy weight builders, officers and political leaders.

ACP Tapan Patnaik and president of Odisha Basti Sangharsh Samiti Pratap Kumar Sahoo held talks with slum dwellers and pacified the matter after assuring them to rehabilitate their families before undertaking eviction drive.

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