Srimandir reforms: Chhatisa Nijog delegation meets Naveen


Bhubaneswar: A 22-member delegation of servitors of Chhatisa Nijog today met Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik and held discussion over the proposal of the Supreme Court on the entry of non-Hindu into Jagannath temple in Puri and abolition of the hereditary system.

The servitors led by BJD MP Pinaki Mishra and Revenue Minister Maheswar Mohanty met Patnaik at Naveen Niwas in Bhubaneswar in the afternoon appraised him of their various demands.

The servitors held a long meeting with the CM and vividly discussion all the issues. “The government will look into the issue and take a decision to ensure that the age-old culture and tradition of Srimandir is not violated and at the same time we will respect the decision of the judiciary,” Ramchandra Singhari, President of Singhari Nijog told mediapersons.

“Servitors are against the proposals of allowing non-Hindus into Srimandir and abolition of the hereditary system of service by servitors. The issue is still in the discussion stage. We have submitted a memorandum of four to five demands to the CM,” Singhari said.

The CM has assured us that the government will try to maintain the age-old tradition of Srimandir, Sighhari added.

“We do not have any objections over the proposals of the apex court. However, the tradition of the Jagannath temple should be maintained. The SC suggestion on the entry of non-Hindu has sparked a debate. The servitors will never give their consent on the proposal. We will strongly oppose the suggestion,” Sighhari added.

“The Supreme Court has not been properly apprised of the practice of the hereditary services in Jagannath Temple. The three-member committee should hear the issue and accordingly submit its report to the apex court,” the Puri MP said.

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