Sridevi was punched in the stomach by Boney’s mother: RGV


Mumbai: No doubt Sridevi’s untimely death has left India in a state of shock. While celebrities like Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth have expressed their grief on Twitter, many others have rushed to Sridevi’s Mumbai residence to give solace to her daughters.

But, Ram Gopal Varma has been particularly hit hard by the loss. The filmmaker was an ardent admirer of Sridevi’s, ever since the 1970s. He worked with her in Kshana Kshanam and Govinda Govinda.

After the news of her death, he wrote furiously on Twitter about how angry he was with God for “taking her away”.

Now, RGV has written a “love letter” to Sridevi’s fans on Facebook. In the beginning of the letter, he writes that Sridevi “belonged” to her fans, more than anyone else. In his letter, he says that behind the facade of happiness and a perfect life, Sridevi was actually a very unhappy woman.

Her mother became mentally unwell, after a brain surgery went wrong in the USA. Before dying, she put all the property in Sridevi’s name. However, her sister, Srilatha slapped a case on Sridevi saying that her mother was insane and not in her senses, when she wrote the will.

RGV writes, “So in effect the woman desired by millions in the world was all alone and almost penny less in the world except for one Boney.” Yet, he doesn’t believe that she was blissfully married.

Boney Kapoor had initially been married to Mona Shourie Kapoor. They split in 1996, and Sridevi was deemed responsible for this. Sridevi and Boney married soon after.

RGV writes, “Boney ‘s mother portrayed her as a home breaker and publicly punched her in the stomach in a five star hotel lobby for what she did to Boney’s first wife Mona.”

RGV asserts that Sridevi was an extremely unhappy woman, who didn’t have much glimmer of happiness in her life. “She always came across as a little uptight but that’s because she built a psychological wall around her as she was scared of anybody to really see what’s going on within her. She was panicky about anybody knowing what her insecurities were.”

He said that she kept trying to live up to the expectations of her husband and children. “She was being constantly directed by the motives of her parents, her relatives, her husband and to an extent even her own children. She was scared whether her daughters would be accepted or not like most star parents do,” he writes.

This is not the first time that RGV has made his love for Sridevi known. Earlier, in his book, Guns and Thighs, RGV had dedicated an entire chapter to Sridevi.

He had written in his book about how upset he was, to see Sridevi in a homemmaker’s garb. “The woman who was the object of lust of the entire nation’s male population, was suddenly left all alone in the world till Boney Kapoor stepped in to fill the vacuum. So, straight from her superstardom, magazine covers and her dazzling beauty on the silver screen, I saw her in Boney’s house serving tea like an ordinary housewife. I hated Boney Kapoor for bringing that angel down from heaven to such an ordinary, humdrum existence. I don’t go to Boney’s house these days because I can’t bear to see Sridevi in a real everyday setting,” he wrote.

RGV added that she was a precious jewel, who should be showcased in exotic locales and “brilliant cinematic” settings.

Sridevi’s mortal remains are yet to be flown from Dubai to India.

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