Spicejet flight’s tyre bursts in Chennai airport, passengers safe


Chennai: More than 190 passengers travelling in Delhi-bound Spicejet aircraft had a miraculous escape after the aircraft’s tyre burst during touch down at the Chennai airport on Thursday.

The flight which departed at 2.25pm was forced to return after the tyre hydraulic started leaking. The tyre burst after landing and the tarmac were damaged.

Passengers were deplaned safely and were then taken to the terminal building.

However, as a result, more than 18 flights have been delayed and Chennai Airport was putting the second runway to use, Chennai Airport director G Chandramouli said.

Meanwhile, a SpiceJet spokesperson disputed the claims that the accident happened during touch down and said the Chennai-Delhi flight suffered a suspected tyre burst at the time of take off at 2.25 pm.

Interestingly, this is the second crisis landing at Chennai Airport. An Ethiopian cargo plane was forced to land in Chennai airport as it was running on low fuel, the airport director said.

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