SpiceJet flight from Hyderabad damages runway edge lights at Bengaluru airport


Bengaluru: A SpiceJet flight arrived from Hyderabad, damaged runway edge lights after landing, forcing airport authorities to suspend operations for more than half-an-hour. The incident happened late in the evening on Friday.

An airport official said the plane while taxiing after landing damaged a few runway lights. As the runway was closed from 2247 hours to 2328 hours, at least ten flights were diverted. The flight SG 1238 was operated with a Q400 aircraft.

According to the statement of Spicejet spokesperson, “During the landing roll, the aircraft veered off to the left and was aligned to the central line by the pilot. It taxied normally to the bay. However, four runway lights got damaged.”

All the passengers and baggage were deplaned in a normal manner. There was no damage to the aircraft.

During the closure of the runway, 8 flights were diverted to Chennai and one each to Trichy and Coimbatore, according to the airport official.

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