Soon, using railway cloakrooms, lockers to cost more


New Delhi: Soon, passengers who stow their luggage in railway cloakrooms and lockers would have to shell out more for availing the service.

It will soon launch a bidding system to modernise the service, including a computerised inventory, and allow fee to be raised annually.

The railway board has now empowered Divisional Railway Managers (DRMs) to raise the usage fee for the service at stations.

Currently, Railways charges Rs 20 for the use of a locker for 24 hours and Rs 30 for every additional 24 hours or part thereof. Earlier it was Rs 15.

The cloakroom rent is Rs 15 for 24 hours, in 2000 it was Rs 7 and Rs 20 and for every additional 24 hours which was earlier Rs 10.

The last revision of the rates was done in February 2013, the first since 2000 when the prices were Rs 10 and 15 for 24 hours for use of lockers and cloakrooms respectively.

Once the new policy is in place, the base price for a unit of luggage to be kept for specified hours in the cloakrooms and lockers will be decided through an open bidding system.

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