Snowstorm kills 9 climbers on Himalayan peak in Nepal


Kathmandu: As many as nine climbers including five South Korean nationals were killed after a violent snowstorm destroyed their base camp on a Himalayan peak in western Nepal, officials said on Saturday.

The bodies of nine climbers, including their Nepali guides, were spotted among the wreckage of their camp by a rescue team early today morning. Though a helicopter with rescuers was sent to the site, it failed to land at the base camp due to bad weather.

The heavy snowstorm followed by a landslide buried the base camp at 3,500 metre on the 7,193 metre-high mountain when the climbers were waiting to head towards the high camp.

According to sources, five Korean climbers of the Koreanway Gurja Himal Expedition 2018 including their team leader Kim Chang-ho were killed when the storm struck their camp on Mount Gurja on Friday evening. Other four climbers were from Nepal.

Reportedly, Kim Chang-ho was the fastest person to summit 14 highest mountains in the world without using supplemental oxygen.

Mount Gurja is located in Annapurna region of Nepal, next to avalanche-prone Dhaulagiri, the world’s seventh highest mountain.

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