Smart solutions for cities lead to greatly reduced crime & improved safety particularly women


New Delhi: Smart solutions for cities, such as surveillance systems lead to greatly reduced crime and improved the safety of residents particularly women, said Hardeep Puri, the Minister of state (I/C) for Housing and Urban Affairs at the Smart Building award function on Wednesday evening.

Technology will enhance citizen participation, improve the provision of basic services and infrastructure and make areas more livable, said Hardeep Puri.

Moreover, technology has a sustainable face too—permitting us to do more with less thereby reducing the resource consumption, he further added.

Stressing on the aspects relating to ease of living particularly for the poor, women, elderly and differently abled people, Hardeep Puri said that all Indians should be able to enjoy a clean and sustainable environment. As an established Information Technology superpower, India must leverage cutting-edge digital technology to power its infrastructure, offices and homes.

Citywide Wi-Fi networks improve communication among citizens as well that with various service providers. E-governance and citizen feedback management lead to improved social cohesion by an increase in opportunities for citizen engagement, reduction in social inequities, and reduction in response time for services for business. Integrated traffic management will increase the traffic speeds and reduce traffic congestions and hence cleaner air for people to breathe.

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