Smart City to have intelligent traffic management system soon


Bhubaneswar: The city will soon have a traffic management system based on sensor data, so that the traffic density at respective intersections could be controlled by video-based inputs captured and transmitted to a central server and vice-versa.

Work has started at five places along the Sachivalaya Marg by the Gurgaon based company M/s Envoys Electronics Pvt. Ltd. ,  and the entire work is likely to be over by the coming September. Presently the pilot locations are Housing Board Square, Institution of Engineers Square, BDA City Centre Square, Regional Institute of Education Square and Anand Bazar Square.

Based on the experience over these five pilot projects on the Sachivalaya Marg, implementation and installation of the remaining 53 traffic locations will be easier for the agency, which has taken the contract for the smart .

The intelligent traffic management system will be operational at 58 traffic intersections. This will include 14 Pelican points for safe crossing of roads by pedestrians and five blinkers for road safety measures. Traffic signalling system will derive its energy requirement from solar power.

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