Shahrukh’s new film Raees trailer out with killer dialogue


Mumbai:  “Ammi jaan kehti thi, koi dhanda chhota nahin hota. Aur dhande se badakoi dharm nai hota.”  The trailer of Shahrukh Khan’s upcoming

SRKfilm “Raees” has such an intonation from lead cast Shahrukh himself which was released on Wednesday.

srkIn Raees Sharukh’s role is more of an antagonist. Based on a true story about bootlegger Raees Aslam, this drama is set in the Popatiyawad area of Gujarat.

srkRahul Dholakia of ‘Parzania’ fame is the director of this film that is set to hit the theatres in January.

srkThe film was recently in news for its leading lady, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan, who makes her Bollywood debut with the film. There were rumours that the film would not get a release owing to the recent ban on Pakistani artistes working in India. The film is scheduled to release on 25th January 2017

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